Framing & Quality


Gallery-standard framing is available for all posters.

​Our picture framer is Greg Mahoney from Hardware Lane, Melbourne. Greg has been framing since 1977 and received the ‘Melbourne Award’ in 2003.

Framing Prices

If you are interested in getting one of our gorgeous posters framed, please contact us and we’ll arrange it all for you.

​All prices quoted are for gallery-standard black or white timber ‘box-frames’ and glass. Sorry, pickup only!

122cm x 76cm (Extra Large) = $325
109cm x 66cm (Large) = $305
84cm x 51cm (Medium) = $255

(Prices for framing are in addition to the amount for the print.)

Why drive a Ferrari on a dirt road?

High quality artwork deserves high quality printing and framing. The posters we sell have stood the test of time magnificently and will continue to. Our goal in printing and framing them has been to stay out of the way of that process by ensuring that the paper, the timber and the craftsmanship will age just as well alongside it. To this end, we only use the finest quality products and printing processes.

Our Printer: Roger Saddington of Art Strategies

Roger Saddington holds a Master of Fine Art from Monash University in Melbourne and a Bachelor of Design from Swinburne University. He has 20 years’ experience in the art and design industries, including several years working at the National Gallery of Victoria.

Our Prints

Our prints are oversized and are 5-10% larger than standard poster print sizes. Our sizes start at medium and go to extra large (a massive 122 x 76cm), which sometimes necessitates custom made frames, but it’s worth it for the extra wall presence.

Our Paper

We use Epson Enhanced Matte which has been independently tested to last over 80 years on display under glass. We use it because it has a unique bright white appearance and smooth matt surface which we find particularly well suited to graphic subjects. It yields highly saturated images, while maintaining excellent highlight and shadow detail.

​Our Picture Frames

What’s in a frame? Quite a bit it turns out. We use black or white timber ‘box frames’ which are substantial, thick frames that are unobtrusive enough to fit any decor, but are thick and sturdy enough to complement the large sizes of our prints.