Our Story

8bfe93_b02c34ae5a36f02df2f81e2450538cb5My wife and I found the perfect beach house, which was a perfect excuse to begin decorating.

The idea for Australian Vintage Posters started right here, at the dining table…

The first items on our list were beachy-themed vintage posters. We trawled through hundreds of mostly European vintage posters – Cannes, St Tropez etc – which looked lovely and stylish and brought back some great memories, but they just didn’t seem right in the midst of ti-tree and the patent ‘Aussie-ness’ of St Andrews Beach, on the Mornington Peninsula.

​Then this poster caught our eye, by James Northfield. “I didn’t know Australia had vintage posters!” we both said. It led us to a largely undiscovered treasure trove of mid-century Northfield posters. We fell for the saturated colours, the technical skill of his work and the nostalgia that his vision of Australia pricked in us. We bought two and hung them with pride.

As friends and family trooped through our house, some months later, one single comment began to emerge. “We didn’t know Australia had vintage posters.” We told and retold the story of Northfield and the archive of stunning Australian prints we’d found. I wrote to the James Northfield Heritage Trust to enquire about attaining a license to print his stunning work. I was delighted to be awarded one of only three in existence.

So here we are, now able to offer an ever-increasing catalogue of Northfield prints, with more to follow from other great Australian poster artists.

​We are proud and honoured to be able to share them with you.

The Team

Australian Vintage Posters was founded by Andrew McUtchen. Andrew generally loves old stuff more than new stuff. Because the craftmanship is better, the materials more long lasting and it has a story he can tell. Andrew believes the work of vintage Australian poster artists is woefully unappreciated.

​Mid-2013 Andrew realised once again that he should limit himself to no more than 2 full-time jobs, and Hamish Erskine (Andrew’s brother-in-law) and his wife Roslyn took over the day-to-day running of this little business.

Our mission is to raise the awareness of Australian poster art and Australian poster artists and to reconnect Australians with the amazing places where they grew up, holidayed or want to go via these beautiful images. We endeavour to produce only the highest quality prints and framing.